Prepare for Married At First Sight’s most controversial season yet

If you thought the last season of Married At First Sight was car crash television, just wait until you see what's in store for 2019.

Executive producer of the controversial reality show Tara McWilliams knows a thing or two about bringing drama into our living rooms, having worked on The Biggest Loser, The Voice and The Bachelor.

Last season saw Davina Rankin and Dean Wells cheating on their TV spouses.Credit:Nine

Tara McWilliams, the executive producer of Married at First Sight Australia.

Last years MAFS finale was the most-watched TV show of 2018, with 1.8 million viewers tuning in — the highest ratings in the show’s five seasons. “One groom didn't want anything to do with his ‘wife’ but Tara did everything in her power get him to stay as she knew they were creating the best storyline at the time,” a producer told Emerald City. “Production took it to another level this year with casting and Tara really encouraged us to draw out the most controversial stories from them, she's one of the best EPs [executive producers] I’ve ever worked with.”

McWilliams admitted the success of series five had her question whether she could produce as much drama as the last series that saw walkouts, "cheating" scandals and couple swapping and consequently had tongues wagging.

Despite the backlash many of the contestants received, this season, more than 10,000 (fame hungry) singles applied to be part of the show. On Monday key media were invited for a sneak preview before the show takes over screens at the end of month.

Fans can rest assured there's plenty of drama set to ensue; from a 29-year-old virgin and a male stripper to a woman who can’t stop dating married men.

Ines is tipped to cause plenty of drama.

Whispers from the spy revealed “if fans thought last year was ‘juicy’ they’d best prepare themselves for what's in store, there will be more than one couple swap and some really juicy back stories!”

Will it be heartbreak for self-confessed virgin, Matthew who hopes to find his happily ever after on-screen.

Anthony Bell splashes on a helicopter to be closer to family

The rumour mill in Sydney’s eastern suburbs worked over time after celebrity accountant, Anthony Bell and his former TV host wife, Kelly Landry’s relationship turned nasty in 2017. An apprehended violence order was issued and a nasty court battle ensued, yet in a bizarre twist The Sydney Morning Herald exclusively revealed the pair were working towards a reconciliation a mere three months later.

Anthony Bell arriving at Downing Street in February 2017.Credit:Louise Kennerley

Now, a year on the couple once dubbed ‘Belly and Kelly’ have put the past behind them as they establish themselves on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. "Anthony is based in Sydney whilst Kelly and the girls live in Noosa fulltime," one of Bell's associates revealed. "The kids were becoming the target of playground gossip and it began to take a toll on kids, which was the motivation for the move."

Kelly Landry and Anthony Bell with their children Charlize and Thea.Credit:Lisa Maree Williams

Emerald City understands Anthony spends Friday to Monday in Noosa to be with Kelly and couple's daughters, Charlize, seven, Thea, four, and has even purchased a helicopter to make a smoother commute when working from his Brisbane office. "The travel takes its toll but it means he's not missing dance recitals and can be home for dinner four nights a week," the source explained.  While the status of their relationship is not confirmed, it's believed they are lapping up the relaxed lifestyle. "Their friends up there don't make a fuss over them because of their wealth or being in the public eye, I think they are enjoying a much more relaxed lifestyle – worlds away from Sydney's eastern suburbs.”

Kelly Landry and Bell in happier times.Credit:Belinda Rolland

Australian rich lister Christian Beck splits from wife
One of Australia's 100 richest people, tech entrepreneur Christian Beck may be laughing his way to the bank but his millions could be in jeopardy as he’s rumoured to be in the middle of a messy divorce with wife Belinda Young. With an estimated $775 million fortune, Beck is Australia’s 99th richest person after the success of his first company, LEAP Legal Software, technical solutions to improve the productivity of law firms and conveyancers as well as InfoTrack a one-stop-search engine for legal searches such as ASIC and litigation services.

Rich Lister Christian Beck.Credit:Arsineh Houspian

While it's unknown what caused the split, it was only in 2017 the couple forked out  $8.6 million for a Longueville mansion that boasted six-bedrooms, six-bathrooms and set on the Lane Cove river. Months later, in 2018, the pair snapped up a neighbouring property for $4.13 million with Belinda Young listed as the buyer.

Christian Beck and Belinda Young have bought two Longueville homes.Credit:DOMAIN

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