Prince Charles is mentoring Duchess Meghan on ‘royal history’ & the Windsors

Today The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended a reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by The Queen @TheRoyalFamily to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Investiture of The Prince of Wales. Follow @ClarenceHouse to see more from today’s reception.

Books will eventually be written about how the familial dynamics of the Prince of Wales and his sons got turned around when Meghan Markle entered the royal fold. Just two years ago, the conversation was consistently about how Prince William loathed his father and kept the Cambridge children away from Charles. Charles even had to leak information about William to apply public pressure and get William to allow him to see the Cambridge kids. Now that Meghan’s around, everything is different. Meghan and Charles get along famously. They apparently hit it off from the start. Meghan encouraged Harry to spend more time with his dad, and Meg seems to see Charles as a surrogate father. And suddenly, William and Kate are extra-keen to be around Charles too. It’s funny. Now, the British papers claim that Charles is full-on mentoring Meghan in her royal role. Hm.

She’s impressed the Queen with her ‘stamina’ by taking on a royal tour while heavily pregnant, and it seems the Duchess of Sussex has also won over her father-in-law Prince Charles since joining the royal family. Prince Charles, 70, and Meghan Markle, 37, share a ‘close bond’, a royal insider told The Telegraph, which has grown since the former Suits actress married Prince Harry in May last year, thanks to their shared interest in history, art and culture.

According to the source, Charles has been acting as Meghan’s ‘mentor’ by educating her on royal and constitutional history.

‘Meghan has been learning about all the royal history through her time spent with the Prince. They have a shared love of history, art and culture, and that’s the common ground between them. The Duchess has shown a genuine interest in learning more about the history of the family she has married into, and her father-in-law has been delighted to impart his knowledge,’ the explained.

Insiders have also suggested that Meghan has helped to improve the relationship with Charles and Harry, after experiencing her own rift with her father Thomas Markle.

[From The Express & the Daily Mail]

I said last year that part of this was likely Meghan playing to Charles’ ego, but I also believe that it’s partly – or maybe even mostly – genuine. Never discount how much men love to play teacher/mentor to beautiful younger women though. It works out for all involved in this case: Charles adores his daughter-in-law and he will offer her so much “protection” in the years to come, and all she has to do is show an interest in his interests and listen to him. It sounds so simple, and yet… William and Kate never engaged Charles that way at all.

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