Prince Harry ‘in favor’ of returning for the Jubbly & his security issues might be over?

As Prince Harry wrapped another beautiful and successful Invictus Games on Friday, a weird thing was happening in Salt Island. That weird thing? Suddenly, “sources” sounded very conciliatory, almost like they were making a public appeal for Harry to find some way to visit the UK again, very soon. You see, the royal family and the British media is simply desperate to get Harry back there in June for the Struggle Jubbly. I’m sure they’d like Meghan and the children to come too, but it’s suddenly very important that Harry is there. Shortly after the Sussexes’ visit to Windsor, we heard that the Queen had personally extended an invitation to them to return for the Jubbly. But since then, the British press has been throwing a series of unhinged tantrums about how Harry should never return because he’s unwelcome, but how dare he disrespect his grandmother by not coming back. As Invictus was ending, it changed again. From Russell Meyers at the Daily Mirror:

Prince Harry ’s aides are making plans for him to be by the Queen ’s side to attend the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, it can be revealed. Despite the Duke of Sussex publicly saying he has not decided whether to attend, his closest advisors believe he will want to go to fulfill his grandmother’s wish for him to join his family this summer.

Sources close to the Sussexes’ camp have confirmed Harry is “in favour” of returning to the UK to take part in the celebrations. One source said: “Harry is certainly in favour of going, so naturally plans are being put in place for him to make the trip should he want to confirm. There is the issue of security and the ongoing court case which needs to be sorted out. Previously it was a red line for Harry but there might be a resolution in the offering. Everything will hinge on that, but Harry loves seeing his grandmother and wants to spend time with her and his family.”

The Mirror understands a resolution between the Duke and the Met Police could be on the cards, where he would be offered protection funded by the taxpayer if he was to attend public family events. The Platinum Jubilee celebrations would potentially come into such an arrangement. Harry and Meghan, 40, have been invited to appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

[From The Daily Mirror]

This wasn’t the only curious story about Harry suddenly working out a deal with the Met over his security either – the Daily Mail had a piece about how Harry and Meghan would likely work something out where they could bring their own bodyguards and then have royal protection officers when they did “royal events,” like Jubbly events:

Prince Harry might come back to the UK with his children for the Queen’s Jubilee after being ‘reassured’ about arrangements for their security. Sources have told the Daily Mail that the prince appeared mollified at the plans put in place when he and Meghan visited the Queen at Windsor last week. The couple brought over their own private bodyguards from the US but stayed on the Queen’s Windsor estate and received a Special Escort Group (SEG) detail when travelling outside.

The SEG provides mobile armed protection to both royals and government ministers. This ‘hybrid’ model is now likely to be offered to Harry, Meghan and children, Archie, two, and, Lilibet, ten months, when visiting. It would be funded by taxpayers as the Home Office have made clear that they cannot agree private financial arrangements with anyone receiving Met Police security.

A well-placed source told the Mail: ‘Harry was fairly pleased with the way the operation worked [when he and Meghan came to Windsor] and the liaison between his security team and the Met. He believes it means a workable solution can be found, allowing him to come over with his children as early as the Platinum Jubilee.’ The source said they believed Harry would now row back from his legal action.

[From The Daily Mail]

You know what I think? I think the Mail and Mirror’s sources are not in Harry’s camp whatsoever, I think these are Met security people and Clarence House officials working out some kind of backroom deal to ensure that Harry and Meghan come back and visit. If anything, this has convinced me that Harry’s judicial review of the Met’s royal-protection practices and the shadowy Ravec sub-bureaucracy was actually about to expose something pretty corrupt and dangerous. As soon as Harry and his lawyers started pulling at those threads of “why does security follow rank and not threat” and “who actually ordered this,” you knew that suddenly the Met would be eager to hide their bullsh-t. It will be interesting to see what mountains are moved to ensure Harry’s “return.”

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