Prince Harry: Is Meghan Markle Urging Him to Ghost the Royal Family?

Meghan Markle has been defending herself against multitudes of untrue and defamatory gossip stories invented by the British press.

But the hatred directed at her has taken its toll. Are Meghan and Harry laying the groundwork to leave the Royal Family?

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have received rough treatment from, let’s be honest, racists in the UK and beyond.

Many believe that they are currently taking the steps leading up to formally leaving the royal family.

While speaking on the Pod Save The Queen podcast, royals expert Russell Myers certainly believes so.

“I think they’ve laid the foundations,” Myers asserts. “No doubt in my mind.”

Myers is not the only researcher who believes this to be the case, and this actually has less to do with Meghan and more to do with Harry.

In the 2005 Book, The Firm, Penny Junior predicted that Prince Harry would almost inevitably one day leave the royal family.

As Harry and William have grown up, they have come to understand the “terrifying unhappiness” that their mother experienced during her royal life.

“Harry has been particularly affected,” Junior observed.

“Whether or not any of this is related to his behaviour is a matter for the psychoanalysts,” Junior continued during Harry’s alleged “wild” youth.

“In the meantime,” the book added, “it is important that a solution be found before he, like his mother, self-destructs.”

Kind of wild to claim that Princess Diana self-destructed.

Junior wrote: “The answer perhaps is to cut Harry free from the Family Firm.”

“The concept of a Royal Family, of an idealised, closely knit unit that sets a shining example to the country, has had its day,” Junior noted.

The book correctly emphasized: “We don’t expect our Prime Ministers’ families to be on parade.”

“We certainly don’t expect them to play any part innovational life, work in government – heaven forbid,” Junior continued.

The book added: “Or to press the flesh on away days on his or her behalf.”

Junior continued: “And if we elected a president as head of state we wouldn’t expect it of his or her family either.”

To be clear, the First Family of the United States has similar responsibilities to those described, but for a much shorter amount of time.

“If we think of the Queen as a Head of State,” Junior reasoned.

The reasoning continued: “Then a consort and an heir are as many as should be expected to put up with the demands we make of them.”

“So long as Harry is expected to work for the Family Firm, he will attract attention,” Junior correctly noted.

The book pointed out: “And, because he has already got off on the wrong foot, the media is watching and waiting forfar the next incident.”

At the time, Junior predicted: “Which will come as surely as a London bus.”

“I can see no purpose in making him knuckle down,” the book expressed. “Forcing him into a mould that doesn’t fit.”

“He is never likely to be King,” Junior wrote. “So why make him spend his life shadowed by security?”

The book listed other duties: “visiting factories, opening hospitals, shaking hands and doing good works.”

Junior added: “knowing that the slightest indiscretion is going to embarrass his grandmother or his father or, in time, his brother?”

“Why not let him step back from it all and do what he wants with his life?” the book reasoned.

“His father found it hard enough to carve out a role for himself,” Junior pointed out. “And he is heir to the throne.”

“So,” the book implored the public. “Let him go out and earn a living free from all encumbrances.”

“If his heart is really set, as he said it was, on following in his mother’s footsteps and carrying on with her work,” Junior wrote.

The book says that “he could do it as a private citizen.”

It would not be difficult for Harry to make a living.

“He will always be a name that any charity would want on its notepaper,” Junior observed.

“And if the time ever came when he was needed to take up royal duties,” the book concluded. “Then he could be brought back into the royal fold.”

So many people want to blame Meghan for Harry’s long time dislike for being a royal. So easy to forget that he’s always felt this way.

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