Prince Harry’s texts to Meghan were ‘full of emojis,’ especially the ghost emoji

I remember years ago, back when Prince Harry was dating Cressida Bonas, covering some story about how they were always texting and “it’s emoji central.” I said at the time that they should just use their words like adults! But apparently it’s a Thing for Harry. He is the Emoji Prince. He courted his then-future wife with texts and emojis. Specifically, the ghost emoji! People Magazine has even more excerpts from Finding Freedom, including Harry’s love of ghost emojis and how he thought Meghan was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. *insert crying emoji, followed by a heart emoji, followed by the ghost emoji*

Prince Harry’s unexpected texting style charmed Meghan Markle from the start! After the prince left his blind date with Meghan in the summer of 2016, he knew he had met his match.

“Wow,” [Harry] later confessed to a friend, according to the best-selling book Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family. “The most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my life.”

At the evening meetup with pals at London’s Soho House, Meghan and Harry were “in their own little world,” a source says in the book by veteran royal journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand. Later that night, Harry wasted no time in texting Meghan, who was back in her hotel room.

“His messages were often short and full of emojis, in particular the ghost emoji, which he often used instead of a smiley face,” write the authors. “For what reason? Nobody knows. But Meghan found his texting etiquette funny and adorable, just like the prince.”

Added a friend of Meghan’s, “He definitely didn’t hide the fact that he was keen. He wanted her to know he was very interested.” And the feeling was mutual. The next night, they met up again — this time, just the two of them.

“It was as if Harry was in a trance,” another friend said.

[From People]

“He definitely didn’t hide the fact that he was keen.” I wish more men were like this, although I say that with the understanding that men are easily confused and some think “being demonstrative and openly adoring without caring about ‘looking cool’” somehow translates to “doxxing a woman because she didn’t respond when you mansplained menstruation to her.” Harry has always worn his heart on his sleeve, and in Meghan, I think he just found someone who was equally ready to “fall head over heels.” All that being said, I’m a big believer in the Sex and City theory of “his light was on.” That was Harry too – his light was on, he was ready to get married, he was ready to fall this hard and this fast. *insert ghost emoji, taxi emoji, light bulb emoji, lightning bolt emoji, heart emoji, then three more ghost emojis for good measure*

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