Princess Charlotte’s room is ‘haunted’ but ‘Diana protects her’, says psychic

A psychic has made the extraordinary claim that Princess Charlotte's bedroom at Adelaide Cottage could well be 'haunted'.

Jasmine Anderson not only claims the Windsor cottage is home to spirits but that the young royal is also being protected by her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she says that Diana was protecting Charlotte due to some concerning movements in her room at home with "something being seen".

Jasmine said: "Diana is so protective over children, including her grandchildren, but particularly Charlotte. There's a need for protection there. It's something to do with the room in the house – I feel like it could be haunted."

She added: "Something has been seen in the nursery, that's what I'm getting."

However, while Charlotte is supposedly receiving help from Diana, Jasmine also says she believes the princess may have a 'psychic gift'.

She explained: "It might be that Charlotte has a psychic gift and she's kind of being protected in that aspect."

Referring to the Wales' new home in Windsor, Jasmine said: "They've not had a lot of luck there.

"There's quite a lot of disruption there, I think they're going to go to a smoother and calmer place. I think it will be happening."

Adelaide Cottage has a long history of royal usage. It was built in 1831 as a home for the wife of William IV, Queen Adelaide – hence its name.

It was also previously used by Princess Margaret's former lover Peter Townsend in the 1950s. Due to Townsend's divorced status, the late Queen's sister was unable to marry him.

And now it is home to William and Kate, who moved their family to Windsor after moving from their previous home in Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace.

The move was described as 'unprecedented' and created uproar amongst royal experts after the couple had only just completed £12m worth of renovation work.

Speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, royal experts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, claimed that the move was controversial due to the amount of money spent on renovating Kensington Palace.

They said: "There is a lot of uproar because Robert Jobson was saying that the Waleses had £12million worth of renovations done to Kensington Palace 1A to make it family-oriented and liveable for them and their kids.

"The promise was that they'd be there for the long haul."


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