Queen’s official duties scaled back as Buckingham Palace formally rewrites monarch’s role

The Queen 's official duties have been scaled back as Buckingham Palace has formally rewritten the 96 year old monarch's role.

The move marks the first time Her Majesty's role has been altered significantly for the first time in nearly a decade.

One job that the Queen will no longer undertake is the State Opening of Parliament, which was previously considered as "constitutional convention".

The last time this was held, the Queen was represented by her eldest son, Prince Charles, 73, who is first-in-line to the throne.

The Prince of Wales read a speech as the monarch missed the event for the first time in nearly 60 years.

The Queen has missed a number of events recently citing 'mobility issues', and responsibilities have frequently been taken on senior members of the royal family, including Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Previously, The Queen's duties as Head of State were detailed in a 13-point list, which included the appointment of the prime minister, and paying and receiving state visits.

Now though, it is less specific and says the Queen's duties "encompasses a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties".

It highlights the support that the monarch gets by senior members of the royal family too, saying: "The Queen is greatly assisted by other members of the Royal Family who undertake official duties on behalf of Her Majesty."

The report also outlined the four key elements of the Queen's role as Head of State as being: "unity and national identity, continuity and stability, achievement and success and support of service", but it said that this will only be carried out "where appropriate or necessary".

The Queen was only seen twice during the four-day celebrations for her Platinum Jubilee in June.

The monarch appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony alongside the senior members of the royal family on the first day of the celebrations for the annual Trooping the Colour flypast.

Her second appearance on the balcony came on the last day after the Platinum Jubilee Parade.

Despite this, she released a statement expressing her gratitude to her fans and well wishers.

Posting on the official Royal Family Twitter account, she wrote: “When it comes to how to mark seventy years as your Queen, there is no guidebook to follow.

"It really is a first. But I have been humbled and deeply touched that so many people have taken to the streets to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee.

“While I may not have attended every event in person, my heart has been with you all; and I remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, supported by my family.

“I have been inspired by the kindness, joy and kinship that has been so evident in recent days, and I hope tis renewed sense of togetherness will be felt for many years to come.

“I thank you most sincerely for your good wishes and for the part you have all played in these happy celebrations.”


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