‘RHOBH’ Recap: Lisa Vanderpump & Teddi Go Head To Head At Camille’s Birthday Party

Lisa Rinna helped Camille plan her 50th birthday bash during the March 19 episode of ‘RHOBH’, but tensions ran high at the celebration when Teddi and Lisa Vanderpump went head to head.

Teddi and Lisa Vanderpump came face-to-face for the first time since Teddi’s texts with John Blizzard were revealed to the other ladies, during the March 19 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They both attended Camille Grammer‘s 50th birthday party, and when we say tensions reached a boiling point, we’re not kidding. Things became super tense, super quick. Especially because this was the first time that all the ladies had gotten together since their dramatic trip to the Bahamas.

Teddi was first to arrive at Camille’s party, so she took the opportunity to both admit and apologize to Dorit for the part she played in PuppyGate. And because she took accountability for her role in it, Dorit accepted her apology and gave her a hug. “There’s two people that play a part in this, [and] Teddi is owning her part. Teddi was caught in a lie, but at least she’s taking ownership of that,” Dorit said before revealing her hope that Lisa Vanderpump would do the same.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. When Lisa Vanderpump showed up to the party and joined the group discussion, she sung a different tune than Teddi had. In fact, Vanderpump wanted no part in admitting any guilt. While looking at Teddi, Lisa said, “I want to move on from it. I’ve seen [the texts]… It’s all clear to me…” And when Teddi asked what was “clear” to her, Lisa explained, “You were guilty by omission. You sat there when [the ladies] were asked, ‘Who said bring the dog forward?’ [in the Bahamas two weeks prior]. And I saw the texts! I was shocked.”

Of course, the texts that Lisa Vanderpump was referring to were the ones Teddi had exchanged with Lisa’s Vanderpump Dogs employee, John Blizzard, before they filmed the Season 9 premiere and revealed to the world that Dorit adopted a dog, which ended up at a “kill shelter” after she gave it away to another family.

“Lisa, I was on a phone call with John Blizzard while you were on the other line with John Sessa, where they were saying, ‘Well, let’s figure this out. Hold on one second’,” Teddi further explained as the rest of the ladies looked on and took passive aggressive sips from the straws sticking out of their cocktails.

“I didn’t know you were involved [in anything],” Lisa shot back, but when Teddi asked Lisa how she then knew to text Dorit and say that “Teddi knows [about the dog]”, she got caught in a lie. “Of course I knew that you knew. Of course I knew,” Vanderpump said. And what’s interesting about that is the fact that when Kyle Richards asked Vanderpump the very same question one week ago, Vanderpump said she didn’t know “at the time” that Teddi knew about the dog. (Would you like to try that again, Lisa?)

Kyle then admitted in an interview, “It’s very clear to me that Lisa wanted Teddi to have that information about Dorit. Then, Blizzard lets Lisa know, ‘OK, job’s done. Teddi knows about the dog.’ And then she texted Dorit, ‘Teddi knows,’ just to stir s*** up between Dorit and Teddi.”

“All the twists and turns that this has taken, all the roads lead to Lisa Vanderpump. If Vanderpump knew Teddi knew, why didn’t she call Teddi and say, ‘Teddi, you gotta keep your mouth shut’? Did she do that? Nope,” Lisa Rinna added during her own interview.

And once the cameras went back to the ladies at Camille’s birthday party, Teddi was seen telling Vanderpump, “I know you’re not going to take any ownership for your part. I’ve taken ownership, I told the truth, I have apologized. If you can live with yourself doing this, then go for it. It’s been working for you for a long time.” Clearly, she was referring to all the times in the past that Lisa was accused of manipulating her co-stars into doing her “dirty work” (ie. Camille publicizing Taylor Armstrong‘s domestic abuse in Season 2, Brandi Glanville bringing up Mauricio Umansky‘s alleged cheating in Season 4, and Rinna accusing Yolanda Foster of having Munchausen syndrome in Season 6) and for that reason, Kyle gasped, not knowing how Vanderpump would react.

But Vanderpump just said, “OK. I’m fine with it — [but] you don’t feel any type of guilty or remorse?” And to that, Teddi said, “I don’t feel any guilt with you. I feel betrayed by you.” Vanderpump also admitted to feeling the same, saying, “Well, I feel betrayed by you too.”

After that, Teddi didn’t seem to want to put up with Vanderpump’s nonsense anymore, so she just asked, “Oh, because I couldn’t carry out your plan? Sorry.” And Kyle gasped again. Obviously, Lisa still refuses to admit she took any part in PuppyGate and the ladies are becoming completely frustrated with it.

In the end, Dorit confessed, “This is no longer about [the dog], Lucy [Lucy Apple Juicy], and a lie. This is about my friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. She plotted against me, behind my back, to hurt me. A friend doesn’t do that to someone.” Preach, girl. Preach.

In other RHOBH news this week, Erika helped Dorit take her sex appeal to the next level during a magazine photo shoot, while Denise Richards bragged about her now-husband Aaron‘s rather large penis during a dinner date with Vanderpump and Kyle.

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