‘RHOBH’: Teddi Raves Over How Kyle Handled Herself During Puppygate Fight With Lisa & Ken

After Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards’ blowup fight on ‘RHOBH,’ Teddi Mellencamp wrote a blog post praising Kyle for keeping her cool amidst Lisa and Ken Todd’s ‘aggression.’

Things blew up between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards over the infamous Puppygate drama on the April 2 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and although Teddi Mellencamp is SO over talking about the situation, she shared her thoughts on the fight in a blog post after the episode. “I will say that the fight between Kyle and LVP was uncomfortable to watch — as you saw, Kyle was anxious and wants to do the best for everyone involved,” Teddi wrote for her BravoTV.com blog. “Kyle went there to be a good friend and with the best intentions in letting LVP know how we all felt and somehow come to a resolution. She didn’t deserve such aggression from LVP or Ken [Todd], who should not have gotten involved at all not gotten scarily close to Kyle’s face with his finger.”

Kyle has remained fairly neutral re: Puppygate all season long, but during this week’s episode, she began feeling skeptical about Lisa’s involvement in the scandal. It all stemmed from the release of a RadarOnline article about the Puppygate situation, which Kyle felt was leaked to the outlet by Lisa herself. When she tried to talk to Lisa about it, though, Lisa got extremely defensive, and kicked her longtime friend out of her house. The fight spelled the end of a 12-year friendship for Lisa and Kyle, and they haven’t spoken in the several months since.

Puppygate began when fellow RHOBH cast member, Dorit Kemsley, bought a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice from Lisa’s organization, Vanderpump Dogs. However, when the dog was not the right fit for Dorit’s home, she gave it away to another family. Then, unbeknownst to Dorit, that family gave the dog to a shelter. At that point, the dog was traced back to Vanderpump Dogs via a microchip, which is how Lisa found out that Lucy Lucy Apple Juice was at the shelter. She was disappointed in Dorit, but the ladies hashed things out, and Lisa admitted she knew Dorit would never knowingly send the dog to a shelter.

However, during the RHOBH premiere, Teddi and Kyle paid a visit to Vanderpump Dogs, where Lisa’s employee, John Sessa, brought Lucy Lucy Apple Juice out in front of them and started gossiping about the Dorit situation. Teddi admitted to already knowing about the situation, but Lisa refused to talk about it on-camera. When Lisa Rinna caught wind of what was going on, she felt something fishy was up, and suggested that Lisa V. may have orchestrated having her employees talking about Lucy Lucy Apple Juice in front of Teddi and Kyle so they would gossip about the situation, eventually making Dorit look bad.

Eventually, it came out that Teddi had previously been conspiring with another Vanderpump Dogs employee, John Blizzard, via text message to gossip about the Dorit situation. She came clean to Dorit about her role in gossiping about the situation, but insisted that Lisa was the one who told her employees to feed Teddi the information. Lisa continues to maintain that she did NOT leak any stories to the press OR have her employees leak information to Teddi to make Dorit look bad.

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