Richard Hammond speaks out on ‘rule’ from wife as he issues apology after dangerous crash

Richard Hammond recalls his Switzerland crash in 2017

The Grand Tour star Richard Hammond, 51, is currently promoting his new show The Great Escapists, in which he puts his survival skills to the test on a desert island with co-star Tory Belleci, 50. During a new interview, the car enthusiast was asked what rules were in place by his family when it came to his dangerous adventures.

I’m 51 I don’t bounce back like I used to

Richard Hammond

Richard’s most dangerous crash was back in 2006 when he was left in a coma for two weeks, suffering severe head injuries.

While filming for Top Gear, he crashed his jet-powered dragster at 288mph near York.

His wife Mindy had previously said the effects of his crash were so severe, he didn’t remember who she was at one point.

Richard’s co-star Jeremy Clarkson also said the former’s brain was “damaged” due to his “terrible crashes”.

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More than three years ago, the car enthusiast suffered more injuries following another crash in Switzerland while filming for The Grand Tour.

Addressing this in a BBC Radio 5 interview with host Nihal Arthanayake, the latter asked if there were any rules imposed by his family when he sets off on dangerous adventures.

“The rules… they don’t,” he replied hesitantly, as he went on to recall a moment with his wife Mindy.

He went on to explain: “The best I’ve ever had was the last crash in Switzerland.

“So I had gone over the edge quite fast in an electric Rimac and I was in the air for a long time, upside down.

“I was waiting for a trolley to come round with refreshments – this is a long flight!”

“I was thinking the longer I’m in the air the harder the landing is going to be and it was, upside down, lots of fire and broken legs and stuff.

“And I managed to get myself out, I forced the door open and I crawled out, people dragged me away in the helicopter and they were strapping me to a slide board because obviously it was the worst…. it wasn’t. It could’ve been a lot worse.”

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Richard went on to say he thought of his wife straight away and managed to find his phone to call her.

Recalling how their conversation went, he continued: “I rang my wife and it was really, (in a hesitant, nice voice) ‘Mind, hello darling, the thing is you’re probably going to see this on social media fairly soon, I’ve had another little shan’t’.

“‘Nothing too bad, I haven’t broken my head’.

“I ran a sort of systems check before I called her, checked I knew my own name, the date, what I was there doing.

“I said, ‘I’m fine there’s nothing that won’t mend, legs and ribs and things and I’ll be home soon and I’m very sorry’.”

Summarising what the rule now is following the incident, he added: “To avoid the calls.”

Richard went on to say he was now more “cautious” when it comes to dangerous stunts, adding: “You grow [up] I’m 51 I don’t bounce back like I used to.”

The presenter then joked that with him being the boss of his new show The Great Escapists, he managed to avoid potential danger and said his co-star Tory took on all the “dangerous stuff”.

Richard will appear on Sunday Brunch today at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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