Rihanna grasps Prince's hand while sporting a discreet splint

Looks like Charles’s handshake was a bone-crusher, Rihanna! Singer grasps Prince’s hand while sporting a discreet splint before being spotted wearing a more protective brace three days later

Meeting Royalty is usually a memorable occasion – but Rihanna’s encounter with Prince Charles may prompt painful recollections for the pop idol.

The 33-year-old was presented to the heir to the throne during last week’s historic ceremony marking Barbados’s transition from a constitutional monarchy to a republic.

The Umbrella singer – who was born in Saint Michael and was named a National Hero of Barbados during the celebrations – was quick to grasp Charles’s hand when it was her turn to meet him, despite clearly sporting a discreet splint on her right fingers.

In a sign that Charles’s grip may have caught her by surprise, she was spotted in New York three days after the ceremony with a more substantial brace protecting her injured fingers.

The Prince of Wales has garnered a reputation for a firm handshake after decades of ceremonial duties. In 2012, shortly after meeting the Prince, New Zealander Ann Loader, said: ‘I thought he might break my fingers.’

MEET AND GREET:  Pop star Rihanna and Prince Charles shake hands (pictured) during last week’s ceremony to declare Barbados a republic

DISCREET: The 33-year-old was seen wearing a finger splint on her right hand 

INJURED: The singer in a protective hand brace three days later

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