Rush’s Geddy Lee Doesn’t Know Where He’s Headed Next Musically

Rush‘s Geddy Lee has revealed that he doesn’t know where he is headed next musically.

Speaking to Premier Guitar, Lee said, “I’m afraid I don’t really have a plan at this stage. I don’t know where I’m headed musically.”

“My attitude is that I’ve been part of an amazing collaboration with two guys that I have so much respect for and for so many years, and we were very purposeful in our time together,” he added.

Lee called writing his book Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book Of Bass a very cool way to transition out of that scenario.

“Now I feel like I’m in a position to truly clear the deck and hit the reset button, and see what I have to say musically,” Lee said. “I need to give myself time to experiment with that and see what comes out that I feel strong enough to be a worthy thing to do next. I have no idea where that’s going to take me.”

Lee has only released one solo album, 2000’s My Favourite Headache.

“When I mess around at home, I’m sort of all over the map,” he continued. “But that’s also usually how a RUSH album starts. I don’t imagine that whatever I do next will be drastically different, but because I have more guitars now, I’m playing more guitar in the studio and getting ideas that way.”

“Stylistically speaking, I never felt like I was missing anything in the context of RUSH, because anything goes in that group,” Lee added. “When I jam, I jam all over the place, but whether or not I’m going to follow it any one specific direction in the future, I have no idea.”

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