Ryan Destiny And Keith Powers Reportedly Split After 4 Years: 9 Times They Looked Crazy In Love

One of our favorite young couples has reportedly broken up after four years of being such a good-looking, sweet pair. A source who spoke to PEOPLE claims they split, but are on good terms.

“They’re taking time to focus on themselves and their emerging careers but are remaining close friends,” the source said.

That would likely explain why the two have kept photos from their relationship on social media (she has turned off comments on images of him or them together), and why despite the uncoupling, he was present at her recent birthday soiree with her many famous friends.

Destiny and Powers first met in 2015 and after initially just being friends, became something so much more.

“I realized I was in love when I knew my life would be extremely affected in a negative way if Ryan wasn’t in it,” he told We the Urban in a joint cover story in 2019. “I also felt myself growing as a person when Ryan came into my life, especially mentally. And I realized that I’m ready to deal with anything I have to deal with alongside Ryan. Once I felt that, I knew.”

They retained some privacy throughout their years together, but still had moments where they worked together in the open. As previously mentioned, they showcased their love in that steamy We The Urban shoot, starred in Big Sean’s “Single Again” video and posed alongside one another in ads for Calvin Klein’s Eternity. Postings of one another became less and less recently though, which left some to speculate. Now, the word is that’s because they decided to go their separate ways.

But when they were together, they were great together — or at least, that’s the impression we got from watching their love unfold. Check out some of our favorite photos of them during happy times below.


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