Shawn Mendes Goes Shirtless In New Calvin Klein Campaign & Twitter Is Losing It

It’s getting hot in here! Fans on Twitter freaked out over Shawn Mendes’ new shirtless Calvin Klein ad campaign. See the best reactions inside!

“In My Blood” singer Shawn Mendes, 20, caused quite the scene on Twitter on Feb. 16! His new Calvin Klein ad campaign was revealed, and in it, the singer donned only the brand’s underwear in a few pictures, and put on a pair of jeans shirtless in a video clip. That’s right – Shawn appeared completely shirtless in both! The steamy photos and video made fans go a little wild on social media from seeing the singer with almost no clothing on at all. The ads appeared to pop up in Calvin Klein store locations.

I’m so gay I almost got into a car crash looking at the Shawn Mendes x Calvin Klein ad,” writer Sam Stryker said on his Twitter account. We definitely recommend viewing the advertisement with caution – it has proven to be quite distracting! “Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by Shawn Mendes’ Calvin Klein ads,” he continued on Twitter.

Another fan joked about how fast they’re going to drive to Calvin Klein now to see the ads for themselves in person. “Me driving to Calvin Klein,” Twitter user BreathInJapan said. Shawn has such power!

Even though the Calvin Klein stores may be far for some people – up to 30 minutes for this fan in particular – that won’t stop them from getting their daily dose of Shawn in person! Another fan freaked out from seeing the ad in the flesh! “OH MY GOD,” Twitter user TrackingSM said. “A video of Shawn for Calvin Klein outside there [sic] store.”

Shawn Mendes for Calvin Klein is the gift that keeps on giving,” Alexander Gold said, chiming in on the Twitter discussion.

If Shawn had this much of an effect over people online from small doses of the ads, we’re sure Twitter will freak out even more once Calvin Klein releases the ads officially for everybody! For now, though, the images and video clips from fans who have been able to visit stores will have to suffice for everyone!

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