Shawn Mendes Teases New Single & Album ‘Wonder’ With New Video

Shawn Mendes is kicking off his fourth album era!

The 22-year-old singer first teased fans by sharing the word “Wonder” before dropping a video about it.

“ @whatiswonder,” Shawn captioned the video, which leads you to a website and a new Instagram account.

In the video, Shawn sings and shows off some clues at his upcoming new song, which will be out THIS Friday (October 2), and his new album, seemingly of the same name, which will be out on December 4th.

Also in the video, you can see a newspaper headline that says, “Famous Musician Gone Missing,” AND there’s a stack of books which seem to reveal other song titles on the album, including “What If I Fall,” “Shadows,” and “Teach Me How To Love.”

Shawn also included a set list, with a bunch of song titles, some are songs that have been released and some are seemingly new, with a special guest as well!

One fan pointed out that if you text the phone number on the set list, it gives you the next steps for “Wonder,” and takes you to Shawn‘s Community page.

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