Simon Cowell Puts Playful Fatherly Side On Display

Simon Cowell and his son Eric rocked Transformer masks while riding a jet ski together.

Simon Cowell has built a reputation for having a harsh, prickly, and no-nonsense personality. Those who have had the pleasure of working with the music mogul and talent show judge, however, admit there is a softer side to Simon than the one portrayed on television. No one knows this better than Simon’s 4-year-old son, Eric.

According to Daily Mail, the 59-year-old music mogul put his more playful fatherly side on display as he went on a jet ski ride with his son while rocking Transformer-themed masks.

Simon and his family took a trip to the Barbados following the end of filming the X Factor, so they could relax and enjoy some quality time together.

Pictures obtained by Daily Mail reveal Cowell did need a little assistance getting on and off the jet ski.

Cowell donned a Bumblebee mask while Eric sported an Optimus Prime mask. Simon paired his Transformers-themed mask with white swim shorts, his signature dark sunglasses, and a life vest. Cowell also showed a little skin as he decided not to wear a shirt during this trip to the beach.

Eric looked ready to enjoy a day on the beach as he complemented his own Transformers mask with a pair of red and blue swim shorts, a red life jacket, and a gray undershirt.

In every photo, Simon could be seen protectively holding his young son’s hand as they walked across the sandy beach together.

While Simon’s partner and Eric’s mother, Lauren Silverman, was on the vacation with them, the Jet ski trip appeared to be a daddy and son experience only.

Lauren, however, looked stunning in her own life vest as she rocked a snug yellow one-piece swimsuit. Silverman paired her flattering swimsuit with a collection of gold accessories.

While Simon tends to shy away from electronics and social media, those who follow news related to him knows he loves being a father.

As Daily Mail reminds us, this trip comes just after Simon made it known that he hopes his son will take over the music empire he has built when he grows up.

While Eric is Simon’s only child, the music mogul has also made it known that he can’t imagine his life without his son and would certainly be open to having additional children.

During the filming of X Factor, it was not uncommon for Cowell to bring his son Eric in with him to sit at the judge’s table.

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