Stephen Colbert Starts A Julia Roberts & Lucas Hedges ‘Feud’ Over Turkey on ‘Late Show’ – Watch Here!

Stephen Colbert may have ignited a feud between Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges on last night’s (December 4) episode of The Late Show!

The Ben Is Back co-stars were booked on back-to-back nights, with Lucas dropping by first on Monday night (December 3). Julia plays Lucas‘ mother in Ben Is Back and expressed she thinks of him as a son and even invited him over for Thanksgiving last year.

“This next thing might be a little rough,” Stephen said with a wicked smile after she finished her story. “Because we asked him, Lucas, last night about Thanksgiving.”

“Oh no, did you make him say something mean?” Julia asked. “I didn’t make him say something mean,” Stephen emphasized before playing the clip.

In the clip, Stephen asked Lucas about spending Thanksgiving with Julia, and then slipped in a little question: “Turkey wasn’t dry?” “Little dry,” Lucas responds.

“That’s the last f**king turkey he’s getting at my house,” Julia shoots back – Watch below!

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