Susanna Reid ‘downed pints of Guinness’ before hangxiety made her go sober

Susanna Reid stopped drinking alcohol four years ago after struggling to cope with hangxiety.

The Good Morning Britain presenter quit the booze as part of a diet plan but loved sobriety so much it has now become a way of life.

Speaking to OK!, Susanna said: “I stopped enjoying it. I prefer life alcohol-free – it’s tiring and the hangxiety got to me. I don’t feel like I can plough on after pints of Guinness the night before. Spending time with the kids is my release.”

Susanna – who is mum to Sam, 20, Finn, 18, and Jack, 17 with ex Dominic Cotton – might be off the booze, but she confessed that she has been comfort eating, with bread being her guilty pleasure.

She added: “During lockdown I put on a stone. Unrestricted access to the bread bin was my downfall and not doing enough exercise, so I’m back on the Peloton bike and trying to cut out snacking again.”

Susanna told in 2020 how part of her decision to cut out booze after a doctor warned she was at risk of damaging her body permanently. She said how her GP warned that her face could end up scarred for life after blood vessels started to burst.

She told The Sunday Times Magazine: “I gave up because my doctor told me to. I was concerned because my skin was flushed, I kept getting flare-ups and blemishes, and they were leaving red scars.

“I’d tried all manner of creams and washes, but I knew deep down that what was happening to my skin was probably a manifestation of what I was putting in my body."

Before she stopped, Susanna said she “loved drinking” and admitted some of her favourite memories were fuelled by alcohol.

She said: “My favourite nights were spent at the Groucho sipping crisp, cold, dry white wine, and ending with vodka shots in dark corners of clubs in Soho."

Susanna, who turns 52 this month, said she is yet to make any birthday or Christmas plans because she likes to live life in the moment.

She revealed: “I never look ahead. I just hope I’m doing this forever because I love live television. There is never a night before work when I feel fearful. I spend Sundays prepping for the show. Sleep is the only time I switch off.”

The presenter’s career has taken her from BBC Breakfast to GMB, while she’s also made important documentaries about serial rapists and death row inmates in the US – and managed a turn on the Strictly dance floor.

And ITV bosses must be delighted by the golden touch she brings to GMB, whose audience share is up year on year, while Susanna’s headline-grabbing interrogation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in May pulled in a whopping 1.3 million viewers.

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