‘The Craft: Legacy’ tries to capture the ’90s witchy goth girl nostalgia

There were a handful of films I watched a million times in my teen years: The Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, Clueless, Die Hard and… The Craft. This is making me so nostalgic for the ‘90s!! Damn, it really was a fun decade for film. Anyway, the original version of The Craft is a truly a ‘90s classic. Goth kids unironically roamed the country, buying Cure CDs and eyeliner at the mall, and all-things-Wiccan really exploded in a big way in pop culture. The Craft tapped into those powerful demographics all at once: goth kids, wannabe witches, misunderstood teen girls and their offbeat wish-fulfillment Cinderella stories. The original film starred Robin Tunney (who, if I’m being honest, was sort of miscast), Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell (before Scream!) and Rachel True. It also had Skeet Ulrich, which I always forget until I’m doing my annual rewatch.

Is The Craft a “good” movie? Eh. It’s not actually! There are a million plotholes and nonsensical transitions, but it was hella fun and it’s still fun to rewatch. And now they’ve remade this CLASSIC. The new film is called The Craft: Legacy and it stars a bunch of kids I don’t know… plus Michelle Monaghan and… *drumroll* David Duchovny!! As some kind of step-dad, I guess. Did Duchovny need a paycheck or something? You can’t just cast Duchovny in The Craft and not make him a powerful warlock and/or a witch-assassin. Here’s the new trailer:

It looks… eh. I mean, I’ll watch it. Not in theaters or anything, but I’ll watch it. The first movie was, in part, about how female friendships can quickly become toxic. I wonder if that’s the same message here.


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Poster & photo courtesy of Blumhouse.

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