The “Maleficent” Sequel Got A Title And Will Be Out Later This Year

Divorce attorneys don’t pay themselves, so Angelina Jolie has once again paired her sainthood and goodwill work with a big-ass budget feature film to keep her children fed and pay those publicists, er, sources who blab bad shit about Brad Pitt to TMZ. The sequel to 2014’s Maleficent, has already finished shooting and Disney has announced when it’s coming out. Since the first one did so well, Maleficent 2 was scheduled for Memorial Day 2020 – but now that’s been moved up to Halloween season this year! I guess Angie needs that back-end deal to kick in sooner than later!

Deadline says the new flick will be called Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil, which is coincidentally what Brad and HIS divorce lawyers call Angie in their internal documents.

It used to be nothing but shit opened during October, but Halloween’s $76.2 million opening last October changed that tune. Admittedly, I’m sure a lot of that was driven by curiosity over how much product placement Activia would have since their leading lady Jamie Lee Curtis was starring. Anywho, Maleficent 2 will compete against a yet-to-be-titled movie from Halloween’s film studio as well as an animated version of The Addams Family.

The last Maleficent made more than $750 MILLION at the box office, so it seems like this shit will make serious bank unless it’s a total bait-and-switch and, two minutes in, Angelina takes off the horns, breaks the fourth wall, and deadpans, “Actually, you’re here to see this movie I’ve directed about Bosnia.” Well, that, or the untitled Halloween-esque movie ends up being a longform Activia commercial where Michael Meyers becomes a good person once he downs a few yogurts and starts having regular BMs. Now THAT will be Halloween box office gold!


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