The Momo Sculpture Has Been Put Down

Kim Kardashian can tuck her children in feeling relieved tonight. Wait, what am I saying? Kim Kardashian’s nanny can tuck her kids in feeling relieved tonight because the non-existent threat of Momo is gone forever. Last week there was an internet hoax circulating around Momo, better known as a statue called “Mother Bird“, popping up in kids’ videos on YouTube and requesting that they either harm themselves or somebody else. Kim had become so angered by the threat of the challenge that she immediately went into concerned mother mode and called for an end to Momo! The part that may bring great embarrassment to Kim, other than Kanye, is the fact that none of these claims were proven true. Now the creator of the statue, Keisuke Aiso, has stepped up to inform everyone that Momo will no longer be coming back to haunt us with her long face and dead eyes (which is also known as The Kardashian in many parts of the world).

Rolling Stone reports that once Keisuke heard about the Momo challenge and the way it had been affecting little kids, it made him feel bad since he was the one who inflicted that scary looking ghoul onto our consciousness. And yes I mean Kim, because her ranting is probably what caused him to discover Mother Bird’s effect via urban legend on various social media platforms.

Aiso revealed that the sculpture (which is inspired by the Japanese folk figure the ubume, or bird woman), it didn’t get much attention when he first exhibited it at Toyko’s Vanilla Gallery. So he was shocked when he started seeing reports linking his artwork to a WhatsApp “challenge” that encouraged children to harm themselves.

“When Momo first appeared, it was good in a way that it had received some attention. I was pleased,” he said. “But the way that it has been used now is very unfortunate. People do not know if it is true or not, but apparently the children have been affected and I do feel a little responsible for it. I feel like I am in trouble but it’s all out of my hands.”

I’m glad he admitted his part in creating that ridiculously frightening statue but he better hurry up and make nice with Kim before she finds out his number and harasses him via Facetime in her crusade to stop Momo once and for all. Luckily Kim can disregard submitting her trademark application for MAM (Moms Against Momo) because Keisuke has reassured everyone she’s never, ever coming back.

Fortunately, Aiso says he threw the rubber sculpture last year after it succumbed to the natural process of degradation. “It doesn’t exist anymore, it was never meant to last,” he said (he does, however, have a rubber mask replica of Momo that his friend made for him). He also issued a message reassuring children who had been spooked by rumors of the “challenge”: “The children can be reassured Momo is dead — she doesn’t exist and the curse is gone.”

Is the curse really gone, Keisuke? Because unfortunately Kim still has access to the internet and until she’s no longer able to post anything ever again we’re all doomed.

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