The Offspring Are Set For Camp Anarchy Festival

The Offspring will perform at Camp Anarchy, the 3 day Punk Rock Campout.

They will be joined by, Rancid, NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies and many more.

Camp Anarchy co-producer John Reese described the new camping festival as “a punker’s dream… three days of the best bands and so much to do while camping under the stars in Ohio. What could be better?”

In the words of Pennywise‘s Fletcher Draggement, “Super stoked to be taking part in the first ever Camp Anarchy music and camping fest next year!!! Looks like Legend Valley will become ground zero for some serious punk rock debauchery and musical mayhem.”

“There is no question that this is gonna be a f*cking crazy good three days!!! Not to mention, this will be NOFX’s first performance in America in over a year…who the f*ck is gonna miss that shit?! I’m not!! See you in the pit f*ckers! That’s where I’ll be!!”, he added.

Punk rock legends will line up for the 3-day show beginning on May 31 at Legend Valley.

Offspring will perform on the opening day of the festival.

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