'The Pioneer Woman' Star Ree Drummond Praises 'Christmas Cookie Challenge' Co-Host

Ree Drummond is one of the queens of Food Network and host of The Pioneer Woman. Aside from hosting her own cooking show, Drummond is also a host of Christmas Cookie Challenge alongside Chef Eddie Jackson. Drummond is seemingly having a great time on the show, she dedicated an Instagram post to her co-host and fans couldn’t agree more with the star.

What did Ree Drummond say about Chef Eddie Jackson?

Drummond and Jackson teamed up as co-hosts on Christmas Cookie Challenge on the Food Network. Viewers of the show are treated with lovely visuals of the holidays and get everyone in the spirit of family and delicious baking. As the show continues to air, Drummond dedicated a post to her co-host and praised him.

“Ree & Eddie, Eddie & Ree—together again tonight on Christmas Cookie Challenge!” Drummond posted on Instagram. “I don’t know why I just referred to myself in the third person, but oh well. We have such a blast filming this fun show, Eddie is absolutely the GHOAT (greatest host of all time), and I’m lucky he lets me tag along.”

The celebrity chef then made a reference to Animal House recalling a scene where “Flounder approaches the frat members and says, ‘Hi guys!! You guys playing cards??’ and they just kind of look at him like someone whose name is Flounder?”

Drummond then added, “That’s how I feel tryna host next to Eddie. But he’s a lot nicer than those frat boys, even when I talk his ear off—much like I’m doing to you now. Hope you enjoy Christmas Cookie Challenge.”


Fans love the ‘Christmas Cookie Challenge’ duo

With a lovely post dedicated to Jackson, fans also took the opportunity to praise both hosts for their work on the Christmas Cookie Challenge. Viewers are seemingly loving the pair together as they have great chemistry and a genuine friendship that fans are able to vibe at home.

“Love you guys! I’m so happy you now let him taste the cookies. That’s some host hazing,” a fan replied.

“My favorite show to tape and binge-watch. Love you both on the show,” a follower added.

“It’s like the wholesome version of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg,” an Instagram user said.

“Love that show and you and Eddie make such a great team!” another fan commented.

“You are so darn sweet! You add so much to the show. You are a kind, caring person and it comes through on the screen. I like the way when you give not-so-positive feedback you do so in a gentle manner,” another follower mentioned.

“Love this show and you two are the perfect hosts!” another Instagram user noted.

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