The Sad Reason Kylie Minogue Kept Split From Boyfriend Of 5 Years Secret

It’s over between Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend of five years Paul Solomons.

According to The Sun on Friday, the 54-year-old singer ended things with the GQ executive before she prepared to go on a new world tour – and the reason why is heartbreaking! A source close to Paul explained to the outlet that their relationship crumbled because they couldn’t make the long distance work after she returned to Australia, and he remained in London:

“Long distance isn’t easy for any couple. Kylie and Paul really tried to make things work but ultimately the time difference was a killer – Paul couldn’t exactly nip to Melbourne for a long weekend whenever things got strained.”

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In 2021, Kylie and Paul  were separated for nine months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The last time the former couple was pictured together was on the red carpet for the ABBA Voyage in May. Kylie has since wiped her pictures of Paul from her Instagram account, but both still follow each other on the platform. As for why Kylie never mentioned the breakup to the public? Well, the insider explained she did not want a “narrative” about her being “heartbroken” over the split:

“Kylie initially wanted to keep the split quiet though as she really does not want the narrative to be ‘poor, unlucky-in-love-Kylie’s heartbreak’s again.’ She’s a powerful, hugely successful woman – and isn’t moping around, heartbroken. She and Paul remain friends. But, for now, Kylie has a new album to promote, and a world tour to get cracking with – she’s hugely excited about starting this new chapter in her life.”

Good for her for staying positive following this breakup! Reactions? Let us know!

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