These Tweets & Memes About Matthew Morrison’s ‘The Grinch Musical’ Are Chaotic

Ever since 2013’s The Sound of Music Live was a smash hit on NBC, live TV musicals have been a staple of the holiday season. Some have been hits, like Jesus Christ, Superstar, and The Wiz Live! Others have not been so fortunate (sorry, Peter Pan Live!). For 2020’s take on the genre, NBC turned to The Grinch. Following the show’s Dec. 9 debut, the tweets and memes about Matthew Morrison’s The Grinch Musical are proof fans were not prepared for what they saw.

It is perhaps the most 2020 thing for one of the few holiday traditions still left in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to go wrong. But the dirty truth behind these live musicals (including the ones on ABC and Fox that followed in the wake of NBC’s success) is that half the time, they are hot messes. Fans may not remember now, but even The Sound Of Music Live, which kicked off this trend, was generally considered pretty terrible.

And yet, there’s something about these musicals (yes, even the off-the-rails ones) that fans love. That’s why, even though viewers at home couldn’t stop skewering The Grinch Musical, they also couldn’t look away from it.

That Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch starred Matthew Morrison, once known as Will Schuester, the music teacher from Glee, was not lost on anyone. Glee was a surprise critical darling when it first debuted in 2009, but viewers and critics alike soured on the show fast. Some wondered if the rumored "Glee Curse" might have struck again.

But many more pointed out that Glee had already done The Grinch as part of the show. And the show’s version starred a far more natural fit for the role, actress Jane Lynch.

While Glee was a popular reference for many memes, most of Twitter was less specific in their critics. Or, in some cases, very specific in them.

Hilariously, somehow the terrible acting and the show’s plot making little sense wasn’t even the worst of it. No, the worst part was the makeup.

But, like all terrible live shows, there are silver linings.

Let us all give thanks this holiday season for the memes.

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