This BTS Video of Kim Kardashian Being Dragged Off Stage on SNL Is Hilarious

So many things happened while Kim Kardashian was hosting Saturday Night Live I truly don’t even know where to begin (her roasting her sisters’ plastic surgery?! Her kissing Pete Davidson?!?!?!), but honestly some of the most interesting stuff happened behind the scenes. Fan account @kardashianvideo posted footage of Kim literally being dragged off stage by a producer after The Dream Guy sketch, and it’s basically the funniest thing ever, so enjoy:

The internet is still not over Kim hosting this show live, and apparently neither is Kris Jenner, who posted another candid moment from the end credits along with a novel-length caption on Instagram congratulating Kim on her achievement.

“I’m so so proud of my amazing daughter Kim!!!” Kris said. “She absolutely crushed one of the hardest stand up gigs in the world!!!! She is an absolute ROCKSTAR and I’m so proud of this accomplishment!!! Not only was she beautiful, funny, outrageous and didn’t take herself too seriously, but she took this on with such importance and focus. She was calm, kind, smart, funny, hilarious and vulnerable. She showed that she is always in on the joke and really knows how to be stunningly fabulous and knows how to make fun of herself at the same time. She did her monologue with the best mix of LOVE, vulnerability, self depreciation, humor, beauty, intelligence and kindness. Her work ethic is second to none. Always a team player and always including her family in everything she does. Wow. Kim, you nailed it!!!!! I am exploding with pride and excitement for the most amazing week. Thank you to Lorne Michaels for including Kim and Khloé and I in this epic show and for your kindness, generosity and for always treating us like family. Congratulations my Kim I love you so much my girl. Xo P. S . And who knew she could rap?!”
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