Tom Brady postgame interview: Why was the star QB so upset following the Patriots vs Eagles game?

If you didn’t watch the game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles but happened to catch the Tom Brady postgame interview, you would have thought that the Patriots may have lost the game.

New England won 17-10, however, Brady wasn’t happy nor was he in a talking mood afterward.

Tom Brady postgame interview under 2 minutes

Tom Brady’s postgame interview was one of his shortest in his historic career, and it wasn’t because he was mad at the media. He seemed to be upset with himself, and the New England offense as a whole.

While most teams who held a record of 9-1 after 10 games would be elated to escape a road win at Philadelphia, Brady was not in a pleasant mood even after walking off the field with a victory.

His performance may be why he was so sour after the game.

The USA Today indicates Brady finished the game with 216 passing yards and 32.5 quarterback rating while throwing 21 incompletions. That is not very Brady like.

Patriots were lucky to escape with win.

— Ryan Hannable (@RyanHannable) November 18, 2019

To put it in perspective, Brady has only thrown 21 or more incompletions in 15 games in his entire career. In those 15 games, Tom Terrific has a 4-11 record. So shouldn’t he be happy that this time, the Patriots won a very important game? One would think, but he clearly was not.

The only touchdown pass of the game for New England came from the arm of wideout Julian Edelman.

While some fans think Brady may be carrying things too far perfection wise but he really isn’t.

Brady knows that this offense has to improve dramatically if they want to win another Super Bowl title next February. He also knows that the Baltimore Ravens proved that they are the real deal.

In that aspect, Brady is 100-percent correct. This team needs to find more ways to score points if they want to add another Vince Lombardi Trophy to their collection.

More to the story?

With tons of rumors circulating that Tom Brady may be walking away from the Patriots, could there be more going on behind the scenes that we don’t know?

Back in October, ESPN’s Adam Schefter hinted that he believed that a few cracks were finally starting to sink in between the Brady-Belichick duo and that whispers of Brady leaving after this season could be real.

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