Tommy Lee and Son Brandon Reconcile with Heartfelt Hug After Bitter Yearlong Beef

Tommy and Brandon Lee seem to have made up … after an ugly 2018 between the father and son that began with Brandon knocking him out during an argument.

The Motley Crue drummer shared a photo around midnight of the 2 embracing, captioned simply … “I love you son.” Brandon also posted a video of his dad with him in the studio late Wednesday night … it looked like they were having a good time.

It’s unclear what led to the reconciliation, but it’s quite a surprise considering the physical attack that went down in March followed by a criminal investigation … and a nasty war of words.

As we reported … the father-son beef culminated when Brandon coldcocked Tommy in the middle of the night, claiming it was self-defense because his dad was drunk. The knockout came on the heels of Tommy taking a shot at Brandon’s mom, Pam Anderson, on social media.

Tommy shared a photo of his injuries after the knockout punch, saying he gave his kid everything and he still turned on him.

Cops launched a battery investigation after the incident, but the case was ultimately rejected by the D.A. because Tommy chose not to cooperate.

Still, the 2 continued to go at each other on social media — especially on Father’s Day — suggesting they were far away from having a loving relationship again.

But, as they say … time heals all wounds. Or, maybe Brandon just doesn’t want to miss Tommy’s upcoming wedding.

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