Tommy Lee Embraces Son Brandon, 22, Bringing Ugly Family Feud To An End — See Pic

It’s a pre-Christmas miracle! Ahead of the holiday, Tommy Lee and his estranged son, Brandon Lee, put aside their bad blood to come together in a warm, loving embrace!

Seriously, this is some grade-A magic here. After a wild year that saw Tommy Lee, 56, and his son, Brandon Lee, 22, come to blows – both literally and figuratively – the two seemed to bury the hatchet on Dec. 13. In a picture uploaded to the Motley Crue drummer’s Instagram, Tommy and Brandon embraced each other in a warm, sweet hug. “I love you son,” Tommy captioned the picture, bringing all the feels. Does this mean that, after a long and ugly 2018, these two have worked things out?

Tommy Lee wasn’t the only one celebrating this reconciliation. Brandon uploaded a video of his dad joining him in the studio, per TMZ. The video seemed to show that they were having a good time, and with their shared love of music, it would make sense that they would bond while in the studio. This …is just really amazing, considering that close to a year ago, Tommy was recovering from an alleged physical attack that left him lying on the floor of his home.

The beef between Tommy and his son started back in March when Brandon allegedly clocked Tommy in the middle of the night. Brandon claims it was self-defense, accusing his father of being drunk (and that it was also in defense of what Tommy said about Brandon’s mother, Pamela Anderson, prior to the alleged altercation.) Tommy shared his busted lip and said that his heart was “broken,” and that “you can give your kids everything they could ever want in their entire lives and they can still turn against you.” The cops investigated the incident, but the D.A. rejected the case because Tommy decided not to cooperate.

What followed was an ugly war of words between the two. Tommy trashed his kid on Father’s Day, and Brandon responded in kind. Tommy claimed he spent thousands of dollars on “rehab for his son,” and Brandon said that his father was never around and that he was “acting like a kid.”

Things quieted down after that, and it seems that they’ve found their chill long enough to work it out. Seriously, that’s great news. Fingers crossed that this leads to these two fixing their relationship and living happily as father and son.

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