Trevor Noah & Priyanka Chopra Weigh In On India-Pakistan Conflict To Backlash From Fans

Priyanka Chopra and Trevor Noah are both in hot water after weighing in on recent nuclear power clashes between India and Pakistan…and to say the least, people are not happy.

An online petition is calling for the removal of the recently married Indian actress from her post as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador following a tweet from Tuesday morning:

The tweet in question translates to “Long live India,” and was posted by the star the same day as Indian fighter jets bombed a militant training camp in Pakistan.

The online petition has been growing consistently all week, with furor over the issue that Priyanka seemingly took a side — that of her native India — in the ongoing political back-and-forth between the nation and Pakistan. As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she’s explicitly prevented from taking sides like that over a variety of geo-political issues.

Not great, Priyanka!

But while she has yet to comment again on the skirmishes, or the petition, she and husband Nick Jonas traveled back to her home later the same day (below):


And Priyanka isn’t the only celeb who has weighed in on the drama!

Trevor Noah is also feeling the heat for surmising that a potential war between the countries would be the “most entertaining war ever,” and that Indian soldiers would run into battle dancing and singing, imitating a Bollywood dance in a late-night segment on The Daily Show. WTF, man?! This is nuclear war we’re talking about!!!

While he didn’t outright apologize for the jokes, he did have something to say on Saturday morning about using comedy to process pain on Twitter after a user called him out about his jokes (below):


Trevor that is… definitely not an apology.

Not that we were even expecting one — we get it that comedians will consistently push the boundaries of free speech, and that’s fine — but it seems weird to then turn around and play the victim here yourself after saying something that you know is a controversial opinion about a VERY highly charged topic?!

Just sayin’!!!

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