Trey Songz DENIES raping woman in 2016 as he's hit with new $25M suit

‘Lies will never be the truth’: Rapper Trey Songz DENIES raping woman in 2016 as he’s hit with new $25 MILLION lawsuit… after judge ‘dismissed’ prior suit due to ‘statute of limitations’

  • A woman claims Songz forced her to have anal sex against without her consent
  • She is now suing his label Atlantic Records, along with his manager
  • Songz was previously sued for sexual assault and accused of physical assault

Trey Songz is facing a new $25 million lawsuit, in connection to a previous sexual assault accusation that had been dismissed after legal documents proved the statute of limitations had expired.

In a new legal maneuver, the woman’s suit also names the R&B singer’s record label Atlantic Records, manager Kevin Liles and 300 Entertainment as defendants, claiming the parties should be held responsible for the his actions, according to a report from Rolling Stone.

Initially, a woman referenced as Jane Doe, filed a rape report in February 2022, claiming Songz (born Tremaine Aldon Neverson), 38, forced her to have anal sex without her consent at a house party in Los Angeles on March 26, 2016. 

She maintained that she thought they were going upstairs for consensual sex, but without warning he ‘threw her to the ground’ and allegedly raped her, all the while ignoring her screams out in pain.

While the civil case would ultimately get thrown out due to an expired statute of limitation, the accuser’s attorney George Vrabec is now calling out Atlantic Records, and the other industry parties named in the new suit, for essentially turning a blind eye to the growing number of violent incidents alleged to have been done by the Virginia native over the years.

Another lawsuit: Trey Songz (born Tremaine Aldon Neverson), 38, is facing another civil lawsuit from a woman who accused him of rape but had her first sexual assault suit dismissed after it was proved the statute of limitations had expired; singer-rapper is seen in Feb 2021

‘This case is much more than about one singer and one viciously abused sexual assault survivor who has the courage to take action,’ Vrabeck said in a statement. ‘It’s also very much about the systematic sexual abuse in the music industry and the music industry’s complicity in silencing sexual abuse survivors. It’s virtually impossible to believe that those executives are not and were not aware of the institutionalized sexual abuse.’

Apparently, the naming of record labels and affiliated associates is a relatively new strategy that legal teams are incorporating in sexual abuse claims against musicians.

In the wake of the new lawsuit, Songz responded to the claims against him by taking to his Instagram Story on Thursday.

‘Lies will never be the truth. No matter who chooses to believe such, he wrote in the post that ended with the Arabic phrase,’ alhamdulillah’, which translates in English to ‘praise be to God’ or sometimes ‘thank God.’

In support of the new suit, Doe referenced that she’s not the first person to call out the singer and rapper for violent behavior, and proceeded to list 10 other incidents, which included an attack at a bowling alley in October where he was alleged to have punched a man and a woman during an altercation.

The woman also told police Neverson had ‘dragged her by the hair’ after she allegedly tried to stop him from entering a bathroom with a woman from his entourage. 

Weeks later, around the end of November, Songz ended up turning himself into police in New York City where he reportedly gave his side of the story.

Plus, another woman filed a lawsuit last April, claiming Neverson had groped her and exposed her breast during a pool party in 2013.

In the wake of the new lawsuit, Songz responded to the claims against him by taking to his Instagram Story on Thursday, where he declared, ‘Lies will never be the truth. No matter who chooses to believe such’

And former college basketball player Dylan Gonzalez accused the Heart Attack star of raping her in Las Vegas. Police in Las Vegas reportedly looked into the allegations but closed the investigation in April.

‘The LVMPD has concluded the investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Tremaine Neverson and determined that no criminal charges will be filed,’ the department revealed in a statement released via local 8newsnow. 

In another case, Neverson was sued for $10 million in Miami in Dec. 2021 by a woman who claimed she had felt his ‘fingers being inserted into her vagina’ without her consent during a New Year’s Eve party in 2018.

In every case waged against him, he has denied any wrongdoing.

Songz, who is a father to a three-year-old son, signed his record deal with Atlantic back in 2003, which ultimately led to his debut studio album I Gotta Make It (2006), that featured the first single Gotta Make It featuring rapper Twista.

His follow-up album, Tre Day (2007), spawned his first top 20 single Can’t Help But Wait 

In all, he has released eight studio albums albums over the years, including the most recent, Back Home (2020).

Denies any wrongdoing: Songz has been steadfast in his denial of any of the accusations waged against him; the father of one is pictured playing live on Feb. 2021 in Los Angeles

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