Tristan Thompson’s Cavaliers Teammates Frustrated With His With Off-Court Khloe Drama

Tristan Thompson’s Cleveland Cavaliers teammates have had enough of his scandal involving cheating on Khloe Kardashian. They wish he’d focus on rehabbing his hurt foot so he can get back on the court.

Tristan Thompson hasn’t played a game for the Cleveland Cavaliers since Jan. 16, when he suffered a foot injury. In his downtime instead of staying in Cleveland and rehabbing his foot, he went to LA and partied, even throwing his own house party where he cheated on baby mama Khloe Kardashian with Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Jordyn Woods. That has created a huge headache for his teammates to deal with. “It’s now far beyond the Kardashian curse with Tristan and the Cavaliers. The team is still feeling the effects heavily on losing LeBron (James) and not having Tristan on the court with his injury doesn’t help matters either,” a NBA source tells EXCLUSIVELY. On the upside, it’s not like Tristan’s absence had any impact on their playoff hopes as the Cavs without LeBron have been hovering between last and second to last in the NBA’s Eastern Conference for the last few months.

Still, the last thing the Cavs players want is all of the distraction that Tristan’s drama with the Kardashians has caused. “Most of his team would rather have him in the gym and rehab to get back on the court then having him causing headaches for the entire team and franchise because they all are talking about it. They all are being asked about it and the drama weighs on everyone in the locker room. It’s just something where they would rather be playing basketball instead of dealing with rumors and drama. They want Tristan’s attention on the team and that is it,” our insider continues.

“Tristan is frustrating his teammates with his off the court drama. The Cavs have been struggling all season long and Tristan’s off court drama is not helping the energy in their locker room. They want their big man healthy and back to work ASAP,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

After his injury Tristan was only expected to miss two weeks of play, but it’s been much longer than that by now. “His injury has kept Tristan off the court for over a month and players are getting frustrated with how busy he has been playing off the court. He is becoming a distraction and that is not good for his teammates or their locker room. The players on his team want him healthy, to stop being messy off the court, get well, focus on balling and get back to work this weekend.” The squad is hoping Tristan will return for their March 8 game against the Miami Heat, but his status remains uncertain at this time.

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