Watch Dr. Phil’s Incredibly Disturbing Interview with Orlando Brown: “The Demons With That Drug Kinda Took Over”

Dr. Phil aired his session with one-time Disney star Orlando Brown. To put it mildly, it was a very disturbing broadcast. During the interview, Orlando admitted to heavy alcohol and marijuana use, as well as use of crystal meth. “I started to sell it [crystal meth],” the former That’s So Raven actor told the TV psychologist, “but just the influence and the demons that come with that drug kinda took over.”

While claiming that he was “four years sober,” Orlando seemed confused, disoriented and unable to focus during long stretches of the interview. Dr Phil felt that the use of the drug — even if it was in the past — could have long-lasting consequences, and urged him to go for immediate help.

But Orlando seemed to push back saying that he did not want to go into any program because he wanted to spend time with his kids. However, when Dr. Phil asked him questions about his children, Orlando could not name all of them, nor did he know their ages. At another point he said that he had not met all of his children. And for those that he supposedly did know, he appeared to eventually admit that he has not spent time with them recently.

At another point, Dr. Phil asked Orlando what his full name was. He responded “Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Junior … AKA Blanket.” Orlando told Dr. Phil that ‘Prince Michael Jackson Jr.’ was actually a nickname he gave himself, because his father was “the great Michael Jackson Sr.”

While the interview was done some time in the past, it does not seem that Orlando was ultimately willing or able to commit to medical help. So Dr. Phil had to tell Orlando that he would not be able to help him without such a commitment.

You can watch the interview with the one time beloved Disney actor below.

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