Watch Kim Kardashian Wakeboard Like A Pro – Then WIPE OUT HARD! OUCH!

Kim Kardashian is better at wakeboarding than we expected her to be, not gonna lie!

But that doesn’t mean she was immune from falling on her face during a family outing to a lake on Monday, July 5.

The SKIMS founder impressively managed to get herself up on the board behind the boat in the first place — which is a feat! Seriously, that’s tougher than it looks!

And while she rode without issue for quite a while based on the short video clip, eventually she lost her balance, spun out, and landed in the water as the boat sped away.

Womp, womp!

You can ch-ch-check out the short but HIGHlarious clip (below):

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Not bad, right?! Seems like she actually may have gotten a little overconfident switching to just one hand… But hey, that’s only because she’s apparently getting pretty good at it!

¡Buen trabajo, Kim!

Maybe soon she’ll be doing flips and tricks and stuff… Ha! OK, maybe not! Still, a solid effort all around even despite the funny fall at the end!

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