Wayne Rooney and Coleen hang out with Trump at White House Christmas party

Coleen Rooney and her husband Wayne Rooney joined Donald Trump and his wife Melania as guests of honour at the White House Christmas party.

The Rooneys and their four children – nine-year-old Kai; Klay, five; two-year-old Kit and Cass, nine months – were asked to attend the white tie soiree with the president of the United States ahead of Christmas.

But, a friend insists, there was nothing political about the couple’s decision to go – despite President Trump’s highly controversial and divisive actions over the last two years of his administration.

"Coleen and Wayne were stunned when they received a personal invite from Donald inviting them to the White House," a source told the Sun.

"It wasn’t political. For them this was a chance to go inside one of the most iconic buildings in the world and give their children this experience of being there for the Christmas party, which is always spectacular.

"They were also given a guided tour of President Trump’s private rooms but the Oval Office was off limits."

It was all thanks to Donald and Melania’s youngest son Barron Trump, 12, who’s a huge fan of Wayne and has previously played in the youth teams of his Stateside club DC United.

And, wanting to keep his son happy at Christmas, it seems the president jumped at the chance to meet the former Everton striker.

"Wayne is a huge name on DC United’s team so obviously Donald invited them because of his son Barron and how much he loves the team," the insider went on.

"The Rooneys are also a really nice family and it’s an extra special welcome to Washington for them."

It means the Rooneys have been up close and personal to Melania’s widely mocked White House Christmas decorations , which have been compared to the restrictive red and white outfits in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Pictures of Melania wandering down the corridors gazing upon the startlingly red fake trees went viral, which this year had a theme of American Treasures.

But many were confused as to why the First Lady was wearing a thick winter coat and gloves as she walked around inside her own home.

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