Wendy Williams Sides With Tommy Lee After Rocker Slams Travis Scott For ‘Ripping Off’ His Stage Design

Wendy Williams weighed in on Tommy Lee’s accusations against Travis Scott, claiming the young rapper ripped off his Motley Crew set design! And, she’s team Tommy! BUT, here’s why she thinks the rocker shouldn’t be mad…

Wendy Williams, 54, Incase you missed it, Tommy Lee, 56, went on social media and accused Travis Scott, 26, of “ripping off” his Motley Crew set design, and using the same exact ideas for his Astroworld Tour. Lee claims La Flame stole two stage ideas of his — riding a rollercoaster from stage to stage, and rapping while sitting in a chair and making a complete 360 on the rollercoaster track. Wendy broke it all down for her studio audience on November 30, and admitted that she’s siding with Lee on this one!

“They’re fighting, and for the first time, Tommy Lee looks better,” Wendy began. “Tommy Lee found out he did this and he was pissed,” she said after explaining the back story. To many, the only difference between the 360 rollercoaster loop was that Tommy did his while playing the drums. “Tommy Lee did it, but with a full drum kit,” Wendy said. “This guy did a full drum kick… To me, that’s talent. Nothing against Travis, and clearly you got this idea from Tommy, or someone in your camp did, and you’re just too young to even realize that it was done by the great Tommy Lee. Tommy Lee you had the drum, doing it, doing it, doing it — that’s talent.”

Wendy continued: “Then, earlier in the show, Travis rides a rollercoaster to take him from one stage to the next. Well, technically, it’s a kiddie coaster, but Tommy Lee also used a rollercoaster. Listen, Tommy, don’t be mad,” Wendy said before reciting Tommy’s diss at Travis. Here’s what I think, I do side with Tommy Lee on this one. Tommy is an icon and Travis Scott is of the age that he might know Tommy Lee’s name, but he probably doesn’t know, or maybe he was smart enough to go online and research somebody that this young, lost generation that Travis is entertaining, they don’t know who Motley Crew is. So, [Travis is] stealing an idea from an old white man who’s doing something cool, my people will never know.”

Despite siding with the legendary rocker, Wendy admitted that he shouldn’t get his “panties” in a bunch. Why? — “There are no new ideas anymore, that’s the fact. There are no new ideas, honestly,” she admitted. “Going back and taking from you, I understand the sincerest form of flattery is copying someone and so forth, but, nobody’s doing that anymore. People are stealing ideas all day.”

On November 29, Lee went off on social media over Travis allegedly stealing his former set design. “Just found out this f— idiot @travisscott or someone on his team ripped off the 360 AND The Crüecifly! WTF!!” Lee wrote alongside the videos. “Get an original idea bro…(swipe to see who did this s— first) BRB there’s more …”, Lee wrote, tagging the rapper in two videos — one of his stage, and one of the rapper’s.

In a second post, which featured a video of Travis riding a rollercoaster from one stage to another, Lee wrote: “ANNNNND not one rip off but TWO. DOPE. I get copying is a form of flattery, but this is just straight ripping off my s—. What do you guys think??? #crüecifly”

Lee then took to his Instagram story, where he explained his anger was because of all the hard work he had put in to bring his original set to life. He then added that it would be a “different story” if Travis had given him credit.

Then, Lee went on Twitter telling Travis to “lawyer up” in a tweet addressed directly to the rapper.

And, the plot thickens! (seriously, Lee actually tweeted that) “After I and our production crew created the 360 and Crüecify, We hired a company called SGPS in Las Vegas to create it. WELLLLL GUESS WHO’S DOING TRAVIS’S SET DESIGN???? F–king SGPS! So all u mothaf–kas tellin me I’m not right can f–k off,” Lee tweeted. Yikes. Travis Scott has yet to repsond.

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