What Does Farrah Abraham Do For a Living?

The stars of the Teen Mom franchise have experienced very unusual career arcs.

They essentially stumbled into fame and fortune before they were out of high school, but now, many of them are several years past their peak — which is a problem, because they're still in their twenties.

Now, that's a narrative that could be used to describe many former child stars, but the Teen Moms are different, because:

1. They didn't hit the big time because of any particular talent, and

2. They live in the year 2020, a time when no one ever stops being famous, thanks to the magic of social media.

And so, people like Farrah Abraham find themselves in a strange spot.

She's still famous, after all, but the fame no longer pays, and she has no discernible skills to fall back on.

So how does an unemployed D-lister like Farrah pay the bills?

Well, as you might've suspected, these days, the Backdoor Teen Mom needs to get very creative in order to support her lifestyle.

Take a look:


1.Hard Times

2.Free Farrah

3.Hear Us Out

4.Spread Too Thin?

5.Paid Through the Backdoor

6.A Star Is Born

7.The "Leak"

8.Minor Details

9.New Beginnings

10.Cam Mom

11.Low Note

12.Kicked Out the Backdoor

13.The Truth?

14.Jet-Setting Call Girl?

15.Always Hustling

16.Frozen Assets

17.All in the Family

18.The Master

19.The Grifter

20.Farrah Fails

21.The End

22.Hard Times, Part 2

23.The Fighter

24.The Future

25.A Born Hustler

26.On Her Grind

27.The Easy Life

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