Wings Members Reminisce Following Album Reissues

Paul McCartney recently released reissues of two Wings albums — 1971’s Wild Life and 1973’s Red Rose Speedway. Wings members guitarist Denny Laine and drummer Denny Seiwell shared their memories with Billboard.

“I tell you I had tears in my eyes when I was looking at the books and the DVDs and everything,” Seiwell told Billboard.

“It brought back some really fond memories of a major portion of my life that that opened the door to a whole new life,” Laine said. “They both sound really nice, but Red Rose really impressed me. When I first put it on, I was really surprised. They did a great job.”

The four-disc (3CD, 1DVD) limited deluxe edition of Wild Life, the debut album from Wings, features the full album remastered at Abbey Road plus 25 bonus audio tracks including rough mixes of the album, original single edits, B-sides, home recordings and other previously unreleased material.

Red Rose Speedway‘s 3CD/2DVD/1Blu-ray set features three discs of audio including the original album remastered at Abbey Road, no less than 35 bonus audio tracks, including a reconstruction of the originally conceived double album version of Red Rose Speedway, singles, B-sides, alternate mixes and previously unreleased tracks.

“Working with Paul was easy because I knew him,” Laine said. “It was very easy. We both grew up in the same music. We already knew each other. There was no having to get to know someone and I think that’s why he asked me. I’m sure that’s why he asked me because he knew me. He didn’t want to have someone that was going to be in awe of him.”

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