Woman Desperate to Look Like Barbie Plans Labiaplasty and Butt Implants

A woman in search of something thinks she may have found it in cosmetic surgery — all in an effort to look like Barbie … a journey that’s not complete without tweaks to her vagina.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Nannette Hammond is set to appear on a reality show called “Lookalike Love” — which documents her plans to transform (yes, even more so than where she’s currently at) into a de facto human Barbie doll.

Here’s just a smidge of what we’re told Nannette is getting done … a bigger butt (via implants) as well as having her vagina tightened (labiaplasty) — procedures that’ll cost somewhere in the ballpark of $75k to $90k. No word on who’s actually footing the bill, BTW.

As for why she’s looking to get her lady parts cinched … our production sources say it has to do with the fact Nannette’s had 7 kids and is looking to spruce things up so she can feel (and look) young again … a la Barbie. Production isn’t underway yet due to COVID, but we’re hearing the cameras should hopefully be rolling again soon to capture all this.

We should also note … this isn’t her first rodeo under the knife — Nannette has spent upwards of $500k on surgeries, all for this seemingly never-ending desire to be an actual Barbie. That includes 3 boob jobs/lifts, lip fillers, veneers and semi-permanent makeup.

As for the Barbie obsession … our sources say Nannette just loves the idea of Barbie, and always has since she was a kid. She says she won’t stop going down this rabbit hole until she’s at least 70 … which, if true, she’s got a ways to go. The woman’s just 47.

“Lookalike Love” airs on July 7 at 10 PM EST/9 PM CST on Lifetime.

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