Woody Allen Is Somehow Making Another Movie

Like cockroaches and the load of laundry in the back corner of my closet, Woody Allen just doesn’t seem to want to go away. Amazon, which made a four-movie, $68 million deal with Woody, eventually called off that deal (for which Woody’s now suing them over), but that isn’t stopping him! Woody has somehow convinced a Spanish studio to finance a new movie, and he’s filming now in Spain.

The New York Times says Woody is in Spain after Barcelona-based Mediapro has agreed to finance the unnamed project. That was the same film backers who financed Vicky Christina Barcelona and Midnight In Paris, so they have a long history of looking the other way. Amazon previously worked with Mediapro, but they aren’t working with them on this project and have no plans to release any of Woody’s movies he did under that old deal. A Rainy Day In New York was completed but later shelved after Woody’s daughter, Dylan Farrow, gave a very sad interview detailing how he molested her. Of course, this won’t stop others in Hollywood from working with him.

Mediapro said, “We have a 10-year relationship with Mr. Allen and, like all projects we produce, we judge the creator by its work.” But why stop there? Javier Bardem has called the #metoo backlash against Woody a “public lynching,” which…just don’t ever say that. He also said he’d work with Woody again. Jude Law has also bemoaned how A Rainy Day In New York never came out, but that has probably less to do with Wood and more to do with people now mainly recognizing him as “that dude from The Holiday.”

Pic: Wenn.com

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