YouTube Makeup Guru Nikkie Tutorials Shows Off Her Amazing 50-Pound Weight Loss

YouTube makeup genius NikkieTutorials (real name Nikkie de Jager) showed off her incredible 50-pound transformation on Twitter this week. The social media star, who has worked with people like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian, toned up and dropped pounds, telling fans that “sometimes YOU have to be YOUR OWN inspiration.”

Nikkie de Jager, the 24-year-old Netherlands native, started making video tutorials in 2008. She hit it big in 2015 with her “Power of Makeup” YouTube video that showed two halves of her face — one with heavy makeup and one without — showing two seemingly different faces to illustrate what makeup can do.

Since then, the makeup guru has faced criticism about her weight and look. Earlier this year, TV personality Tila Tequila fat-shamed de Jager.

“Nothing irks me more than fat chicks who pound on the make up! They’re already sinning grossly through GLUTTONY! THEN on top of that they’re full of VANITY AND DECEIT with all that cake on their face!” Tequila wrote. “Disgusting! And the fact that society continues to promote FAT, OBESE ‘models’ now as if that’s healthy? It’s pushing more women into sin by thinking what they’re doing, the lifestyle they are living is ok when it’s NOT!”

Ironically, the stills that Tequila used as images in her rant came from the “Power of Makeup” video which champions individuality and encourages people to do what is right for them. She calls for people to stop “makeup shaming” people who want to play around with their appearance using cosmetics.

“Nowadays when you say you love makeup, you do it because you want to look for boys. You do it because you’re insecure. Or you do it because you don’t love yourself,” said de Jager. “Makeup is FUN. There are no rules. If you want to go for that super-sharp contour for the day, do it!”

It isn’t just fellow celebrities that have called out the beauty star. In 2017, de Jager received a Shorty Award for YouTube Guru of the Year. In her speech, she defiantly opened up about being bullied when she was little.

Now, she says that she doesn’t worry what people say about her makeup. Instead of trying to look “natural” for men, like people have told her she should, she suggests adding more glitter to your look if you’re ever in doubt.

Over the past few years, de Jager has posted videos on Snapchat and Instagram of her heading to the gym for a workout as she pushed herself toward a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, she isn’t afraid to indulge in a sweet treat now and then.

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MY MILKSHAKE………….. damnit, I don’t have a yard. ????????????✨

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Now, she says, she finds it motivating to look back at images of herself to see how far she has come.

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BYE BYE 50 POUNDS! ????????✨ – when I hit a point in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle where I feel like nothing’s changing I take a trip down memory lane and remind myself of how far I’ve come. sometimes YOU have to be YOUR OWN inspiration ☺️

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Whatever her size, the beauty guru looks fabulous.

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