20 quirky baby names which are set to become very popular this year

When it comes to picking a baby name, lots of new parents want to pick something a bit different and quirky.

They want their little one to stand out and have a name which won’t just fade into the background when they grow up.

But thinking of an unusual name isn’t always easy.

Now the parenting website Bounty has put together a list of 20 unusual names, 10 girls and 10 boys, which it believes will be very popular with parents in 2019, reports the Liverpool Echo .

The list has been compiled by meeting thousands of mums on maternity wards across the UK.

The website scoured its list for the highest climbers in recent months, to predict which name trends will take off.

It found that more old fashioned names are set to become popular for both boys and girls.


1. River

2. Nora

3. Mabel

4. Margot

5. Nova

6. Belle

7. Emmie

8. Harlow

9. Olive

10. Naomi


1. Eden

2. Archer

3. River

4. Chester

5. Sidney

6. Cillian

7. Xander

8. Frederick

9. Enzo

10. Tristan

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