A Look Inside C.P. Company's 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Celebrations for C.P. Company‘s “Cinquanta” have continued with the opening of an archive exhibition in Darwen, England. Following on from collaborations with brands including Barbour and Sebago, the latest 50th anniversary event sees the Italian label take part in the 2021 British Textile Biennial for an exhibition titled “CINQUANTA:  A retrospective on 50 years of sportswear innovation by C.P. Company.”

The exhibition features a range of archive pieces taken from the five decades of C.P. Company. Additionally, an installation in the exhibition — and a large mural of footballer Luke Shaw outside — also gave a glimpse at an upcoming collaboration with adidas Spezial.

By hosting the exhibition in Darwen, C.P. Company also shines a light on the brand’s subcultural appeal through the ages. The northwest of England has a strong bond with the brand, coming from how C.P. Company was adopted and worn by British football supporters for generations.

In other fashion news, Engineered Garments recently linked up with Sebago.
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