A Look Inside Public Records' New Upstairs Bar and Lounge

Public Records is a multi-purpose creative venue in Brooklyn, New York known for supplying patrons with vegan food and drink items as well as unique live music experiences and nightlife events. To end 2022 with a bang, co-founders Shane Davis and Francis Harris expanded the space with a brand new bar and lounge titled UPSTAIRS that’s built out with a DIY approach.

Davis tapped DSLV Studio to assist with the interior design, Arup for all of the acoustics as well as a band of makers to elevate the space. A primary component of the room is the oversized subwoofer speakers that are positioned inside cabinets by OJAS‘ Devon Turnbull on the back wall. They also include sound equipment such as reel-to-reel tape players on either side. In an interview with Dezeen, Harris stated,” “Intentional listening on an audio system that showcases the practices of production in the music space allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural significance of musicians and producers who are an integral part of how we shape our perception of the world.”

The bar is devised with black and white marble that complements the flooring with black, glossy finishes and surrounding white walls. In addition, the space gets leveled up with circular glass tables, black ceramic and foam stools commissioned by Zurich-based artist Cristian Anderson and cream leather banquettes.

You can now book a reservation to check out the space through Resy on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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