A Royal Author Is Wondering Why Prince Andrew's Secret Government File Is Being Kept Under Wraps Until 2065

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Prince Andrew has been in the background of the royal family ever since he was forced to step away from his senior role due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Biographer Andrew Lownie, who is writing a book about Queen Elizabeth II, wanted to investigate the disgraced Duke of York’s background as a U.K. trade envoy to learn more about the late monarch’s favorite son, but he reportedly hit a roadblock.

Lownie submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents and learned that they are locked up until 2065, 105 years after Prince Andrew’s birth. The U.K. government has given the royal family members “special rules” to keep their files private. Outside of the palace, the legal documents are “declassified after 20 years,” which is why the author was curious in the first place to pursue that research angle, according to Newsweek

The news about the files made Graham Smith, leader of the anti-monarchy group, Republic, fume. “There’s no justification for it. There’s always a reason why people hide things, which is because they don’t want to be embarrassed or caught up in scandal,” he explained to the media outlet. “Andrew was accused of very serious sexual offenses, it would be appropriate to release these files.” Smith wants to know what the government has on Andrew, especially knowing that he was “an embarrassment as a trade envoy.”

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Smith thinks there is information in those files about one particular visit to New York, where Andrew spent time with the late sex offender. However, those questions won’t get answered until 2065, which makes Smith believe that “they want to sweep it all under the carpet and save the government and the royal family some embarrassment.” The true scope of Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein may never see the light of day.

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