Arnar Már Jónsson's FW22 Collection Provides its Definition of Techwear

Dedicated to the pursuit of sharing its definition of techwear, Arnar Már Jónsson, founded by Arnar Már Jónsson and Luke Stevens, has developed its fullest expression with its Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

Exploring new heights of development through a close relationship with its Italian factory, the label has been able to influence every step in the process of creating its garments. Starting with the textiles they use, the label is able to utilize material to express the unique intersection of form and function at the center of its design sensibility. Leading the seasonal range is Arnar Már Jónsson’s first even 100% waterproof puffer jacket, along with cropped outerwear styles, marled knitwear and winter-ready tracksuits. An interesting addition is the use of corduroy to match its subtle tech aesthetic through bold tracksuits and trousers.

Check out the imagery for Arnar Már Jónsson’s FW22 collection above.

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