Artist Nick Cave Receives Retrospective Homecoming With New Art on theMART and MCA Exhibits

Chicago’s renowned Merchandise Mart building is set to display a comprehensive survey of multi-disciplinary artist Nick Cave’s work, coinciding with his upcoming Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago exhibition.

Titled “Art on theMART,” the site-specific showcase will digitally project Cave’s original work across the exterior of the Mart building – a commercial showroom space located in downtown Chicago – spanning 2.5 acres of riverside space. Cave’s 2011 film Drive-By will be the main focus of the projection and will be remixed to help bolster the off-site MCA career-spanning retrospective of his work.

MCA’s “Forothemore” retrospective will display never-before-seen works from Cave, including a continuation of his popular “Soundsuits” series, and an installation of his “Spinner Forest” creation. Sharing his excitement with fans on Instagram, Cave – a Chicago native – stated: “Keep an eye out” for the upcoming exhibit.

The “Art on theMART” projection will run from May 5 to September 7, and the MCA retrospective will be on display from May 14 to October 22. Further information and ticket sales can be found on the MART and MCA websites.

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