Awkward moment woman realises she had ‘best ever’ sex with husband’s twin

Sometimes the world can feel like a surprisingly small place, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect to end up on dates with two twin brothers.

One woman has shared her shocking story of how she had a one night stand with her husband’s twin brother before they tied the knot or even met – and hopes the secret will never come out.

Writing anonymously on Whimn , the mystery woman claims she had the ‘best sex ever’ on a one night stand when she was single.

She met "gorgeous" but shy guy at her friend’s 30th birthday and ended up back at her flat for "an amazing night together" after a few drinks.

Although the woman described it as "probably the best sex she ever had", they didn’t exchange numbers and he said he had a girlfriend so they both knew it wasn’t going to go any further.

A year later she saw his face on Tinder and they matched and met for coffee, according to the article.

She quickly realised something was amiss – this person was really extroverted whereas the man she remembered from before was much more timid.

"When I asked him about his family, I found out he had a twin brother. Then it all made sense – I’d slept with his brother… that’s how it unfolded – I was on a date with Danny but I’d had a one night stand with his twin brother Tom," she said anonymously to the publication.

She added that because she didn’t even know if they’d end up having more than one date she kept the secret.

Little did she realise then that Danny would become her future husband, even though she had slept with his twin brother.

"We were still dating three months later, and had totally fallen for each other. That’s when he said he wanted me to meet his family".

Not long after she had an awkward encounter with Tom who she had a one night stand with … when she was introduced as his brother’s girlfriend.

She said that her assumption was confirmed when she locked eyes with him at a dinner party, but they both kept quiet about it.

After her and Danny got engaged, she finally spoke to Tom about their past.

"I said, ‘You won’t ever tell him, will you? and he said, ‘God no! No way!’ Tom was also engaged so I knew he wouldn’t want to risk his fiancé knowing about us and, given that the twins were so close, I knew he didn’t want to risk messing up his relationship with Danny," she said.

The mystery woman revealed that she’s confident that her secret is safe for now, as the only person she has told is her sister who she trusts "to the end of the earth".

She concluded by saying that she has no idea how her husband would react if he knew the truth, but she doesn’t want to risk her marriage by finding out.

What would you do in her situation? Let us know in the comments.

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