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Baby On The Brain is a thought-provoking but light-hearted podcast hosted by Stylist’s Fliss Thistlethwaite — a mum-to-be grappling with her own questions.

Deciding to start a family is an exciting time for many, but the reality of seeing a positive pregnancy test can send many women into a spiral of sleepless nights way before a baby arrives to do that for them. But this podcast isn’t about the practicalities of sleep or feeding, it’s not about birth or your changing body, this is all about YOU as a woman with a mind all of your own.

From identity to parental leave, to the inequality of the sacrifices men and women are still expected to make, each episode of Baby On The Brain tackles one of the conundrums that keeps many mums-to-be awake at night when they find out their life is about to change. In this thought-provoking but light-hearted new podcast, Stylist’s Fliss Thistlethwaite – a mum-to-be grappling with her own questions – meets other pregnant women to chat about their concerns; finding experts and mothers who have answers to their middle-of-the-night worries.

Welcome to Baby On The Brain

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Episode 1: Identity

Stylist’s Fliss Thistlethwaite is joined by co-host and colleague Lisa Harvey (@lisajourno) and guest, content creator and esteemed doctor-turned-entrepreneur Adanna Steinacker, to discuss pregnancy and motherhood identity. They tackle what to do if your career is your identity right now, how to take on the new motherhood identity that comes with having kids and how to process these life changes without losing part of yourself in the process.

Episode 2: Friendship

Stylist’s Fliss is joined by fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Desreen (@des_reen) as her co-host and guest, media entrepreneur and founder of Black Ballad, Tobi Oredein (@iamtobioredein), to discuss pregnancy, motherhood, networking and friendship. They discuss how important mum networks are, especially during the pandemic, and how to navigate this in an era that hasn’t allowed for face-to-face meet-ups.

Episode 3: Tiredness

This week, Stylist’s Fliss is joined by TV’s Dr Zoe Williams (@drzoewilliams) as her co-host and guest parenting blogger Nilly Dhalia (@nillydhalia) to discuss pregnancy, motherhood and tiredness. They discuss how to cope with a lack of sleep as a new mum, and Stylist staff give their best tips for enjoying the first few weeks with a newborn – even if they are keeping you up at night.

Episode 4: Sacrifices

This week, Stylist’s Fliss is joined again by Adanna Steinacker as her co-host and this week’s guest, founder of Mother Pukka, Anna Whitehouse (@mother_pukka), to discuss pregnancy, motherhood and the sacrifices they’ve had to make along the way. They discuss the shift in mentality when it comes to planning your own time and activities, the world of maternity leave, how you can make it work for you, and Anna’s flexible working campaign.

Episode 5: Mental health x Dope Black Mums takeover

This week, Baby On The Brain has joined forces with Dope Black Mums and the group’s founder Nina Malone is hosting the episode. Nina is joined by Stylist’s Fliss as co-host, and guest, psychotherapist, author and coach Keeley Taverner, to talk about maternal mental health and life through the lens of a Black mother in the UK.

Episode 6: Jealousy

This week, Stylist’s Fliss is joined by colleague Natasha Gandotra as her co-host and guest, parenting blogger Molly Carnan (@mumsonaroll), to discuss pregnancy, motherhood and jealousy. The discussion centres on jealousy of other people’s perceived ‘perfect pregnancy’ and how to navigate being a new mum without letting the green-eyed monster get to you.

Episode 7: Ambition

This week, Stylist’s Fliss is joined by parenting and lifestyle blogger Janet as her co-host and guest Sandra Igwe (@sandeeigwe), founder of The Motherhood Group, to discuss ambition and what that looks like when you find out you’re pregnant, or a new mother.

Episode 8: Money

This week, Stylist’s Fliss is joined by journalist Grace Holliday (@graceholliday) as her co-host and guest Joeli Brearley (@joeli_brearley), founder of Pregnant Then Screwed, to start an open and honest conversation about money in pregnancy. They tackle the pitfalls of the current maternity system in the UK, the cost of childcare and the motherhood penalty.

Episode 9: Feminism

This week, Stylist’s Fliss is joined by co-hosting duo Sarah and Laura Smith, who are a parenting blog duo with a daughter – and a baby on the way too! The trio are joined by Sarah-Jane Crawford (@sarahjanecrawford) to discuss feminism in pregnancy and whether it is possible to bring up children avoiding gender stereotypes (and if you’d want to!).

Episode 10: Returning to work

This week, Stylist’s Fliss wraps up the series with a return-to-work special featuring Stylist’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa Smosarski (@lisasmosarski), a mother of three and Fliss’s boss. The pair tackle all the thoughts, feelings and emotions about returning to work, and there’s a few snippets of advice from former BOTB guests too.

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