Banksy's Latest Artwork Demolished Shortly After Completion

Banksy had just put the finishing touches on his latest artwork on an abandoned farmhouse in in Kent, England, when shortly after completion, a construction crew demolished the building. Entitled Morning is Broken, the work featured a silhouetted cat and a boy with arms outstretched opening two dilapidated sheets of iron, which were shaped like curtains.

The elusive street artist confirmed the artwork on Instagram yesterday, March 16, but it’s unclear if he knew of the house’s fate. The construction crew certainly wasn’t aware, as George Caudwell, one of the contractors in charge told KentOnline they had “no idea it was a Banksy” and felt “sick” upon realization.

“We started demolishing it yesterday. The landowner watched us do it and didn’t know either,” Caudwell added. This is the second Banksy work to either be demolished or removed in Kent County in a month, with a previous mural dubbed Valentine’s Day Mascara having been relocated from the seaside town of Margate to the Dreamland theme park.

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